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The Black Student Union

The Black Student Union strives to embrace Blackness in all its forms by creating an intellectual, cultural, and social environment for students of the University of Minnesota through awareness, education, and action.

What We Do


The BSU strives to further black awareness on campus by communicating University policies and practices that affect Black Students. Along with advocating for Black Students on and off-campus, by collaborating with Black organizations and making significant contributions to the community. We also strive to improve retention rates of Black Students to ensure academic success in pursuing a degree and a fulfilling college experience.

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Back to School BBQ
Ice Cream Social
Back to School BBQ
3v3 Tournament
Ice Cream Social
Back to School BBQ
ValleyFair Fundraiser
Back to School BBQ
ValleyFair Fundraiser
Breakfast Bar
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BSU Scholarship Fund

The Black Student Union is officially launching a fundraiser to create a scholarship fund that goes directly to the members of the BSU.

COVID-19 has disproportionately effected many of our members financial status. Our mission is to ensure that each of our members has the resources to be successful at this university.

We would love any donations you could contribute to assist our members during these very troubling times, you can click the photo or click here to donate.

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